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"We do not see the restaurant."

Translation:Vi ser ikke restauranten.

June 2, 2015



Is it possible to use expression with "kan", like in English "we can´t see the restaurant?"


Yes, Vi kan ikke se restauranten.


Is it correct to say Vi ser restauranten ikke?


Yes, that is fine as far as I know.


I thought it's like german: 'Vi ser ikke restauranten' is more like 'we don't see any restaurant'. While putting 'ikke' (nicht) at the end of the sentence just negates the whole thing. 'Vi ser restauranten ikke' - we do not see the restaurant. I guess they don't perfectly correlate grammatically.


How did a French word like restaurant end up in Norwegian? Through English, I assume, but when and did it replace anything?


My Norwegian teacher is from Oslo and says it has always been restaurant, although be sure to notice the pronunciation. It is rather French but with a "ng" sound. Norwegians also use "kafe," another French word!

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