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  5. All my languages are gone!!


All my languages are gone!!

Uhhh this is super scary, but I just logged into Duolingo (first on the Android app and now on a browser) and my languages I was learning are GONE! I was learning Danish, German and Esperanto and there's no sign of them. Additionally, my default language has been set to Dutch. All my Lingots, my streak, and my discussion subscriptions are the same, but I don't know where my languages went. I'm terrified that they've been wiped and I can't get my progress back now! I emailed Duolingo support but I have never had a reply from an issue I sent them, so I'm not hopeful. Is this happening to anyone else?

June 3, 2015



Update: I went to the "add a new course" section and added back Danish. Everything went back to the way it was. That was super scary.


Yeah, your languages are only visible with the right interface language. When using multiple source languages there is a handy user script https://github.com/arekolek/DuolingoCourseSwitcher


That's super weird, because I never switched my default language to Dutch. I have no idea how that happened.


I had once accidentally changed the base language to Hindi and almost had a heart attack...


Something similar happened to me just a few minutes ago. I was on my desktop computer and I wanted to look at the ukranian. I added it and did the first lesson but then when i wanted to go back to my italian, it was gone, along with some other languages that I had. My laptop and cell are fine. Anybody know what is going on???? Also, on the desktop , duolingo is not recognizing my username and password. Very frustrating!!!! P.S. I am now on the laptop writing this, cause the duolingo on the desktop does not recognize my username / password to even see this discussion

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