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  5. "That is the first step."

"That is the first step."

Translation:Tio estas la unua ŝtupo.

June 3, 2015



Could one use Tiu here to mean the first in a series of steps?


I would think so, but la estraro didn't tell the database that.


Depending on the context yes. Here in the course they use "tio" = "that", "tiu" = "this", "tiu ĉi" = this one". Somewhere in the middle of the course they accepted more. It's beta, report it.


In this case, how do you decide between tio & tiu?


If there is a chance that the "that" is unknown, then «tio» is most likely right. If "that" is a known something then «tiu» is most likely right. If it's something incorporeal or metaphorical then you need to ask a language wonk how it works.

Any language wonks here?


"Tiu" means that person or that thing, i.e. something which is already known. For instance, someone could offer you a bowl of fruit and say "Kiun vi volas?" (which one do you want?), and you'd reply "Mi volas tiun" (I want that one), picking out a specific piece of fruit. "Mi volas tion" means "I want that". There isn't the same impression of picking out a specific item. Not sure about incorporeal or metaphorical usages out of context; I'd need an example. It seems to me unlikely that "tiu" would be appropriate.


Estas unua ŝtupo was refused. I admit the literal translation would be "it is the first step". But is it really an error to omit tio in this sentence?


Yes, it is an error. You're translating the expression "That is the first step". You can imagine you're pointing at the step as you say it. The word "that" refers to a real thing, the step, so you need to translate it. If you just said "Estas unua ŝtupo", that would mean "There is a first step", i.e. you are talking about the existence of a first step. Maybe if you had skipped straight on to the second step, someone might say to you "Estas unua ŝtupo" to point out that there was a first step which you had missed.

"Ŝtupo" by the way, means a step as in a staircase or possibly in a hierarchy. It is not a footstep, so this is not what Armstrong said when he took his first step on the moon. That would be "paŝo".

[deactivated user]

    Regarding "paŝo", I've just tried "Tio estas la unua paŝo", and it was accepted.


    Thank you.

    Tiu estas unu paŝeto por homo, sed unu paŝego por homaro.


    Can "sxtupo" mean a step to follow in a recipe or a set of instructions?

    Or does it refer purely to the physical object that you walk on?


    It can be used metaphorically for stages in a career or a hierarchy, where you imagine somebody progressing up or down a step. But you wouldn't use it for steps in a set of instructions. For a set of instructions or a recipe you could maybe use the word "paŝo".

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