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  5. "Skoene dine er store."

"Skoene dine er store."

Translation:Your shoes are big.

June 3, 2015



..and we all know what they say about guys with big feet..

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So does "store" only refer to size? In the Big Apple - Eplet Store - big suggests great or grand, not just size. I see that one of the suggested meanings was "great." So could you say "skoene dine er store" as a compliment - "wow, those are great shoes!"? Takk!


It can mean big in a slightly more figurative way, but it's always related to size. En stor potet = a big potato En stor nyhet = big news En stor sak = a big deal/thing "Great" as a compliment would be something along the lines of flott, fin, tøff, depending on the closer context.

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