"Ти їси фрукти на десерт?"

Translation:Do you eat fruit for dessert?

June 3, 2015

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Grrr! I always mix up dessert and desert!


Is "fruits" incorrect?


Grammatically, do you say Fruit or Fruits?

The word Fruit is a noun. The word is an exception where the noun is both countable and uncountable. So the plural of Fruit can be either Fruit OR Fruits. When we think of Fruit as a group collectively and in a non-specific way, then we tend to use the word Fruit (without S).

You should eat five servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

Fruit is good for your health.

Would you like some fruit?

There isn't much fresh fruit available in winter.

If you are emphasising the different kinds of fruit, then you can use fruits.

My three favorite fruits are bananas, melons and strawberries.

The supermarket has a wide selection of exotic fruits such as Papaya and Mango.

The juice is made from a variety of fresh fruits.

I love oranges and other citrus fruits.

If you are not sure which to use, the safest thing is to just use Fruit all the time.


fruits = different kinds of fruit. This is about fruit in general

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