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Which languages should I follow up Esperanto with?

[deactivated user]

    Having way too much fun with the course on Duo. It's just a shame that it isn't widely spoken because I think it's awesome. What other language on here is most like it?

    June 3, 2015



    Spanish. It has pretty logical spelling and you'll recognize a lot of vocabulary.


    I agree that Spanish is the language most similar to Esperanto.


    That's why I will learn Spanish directly after Esperanto as well =)


    Learn two similar langauges al the same time is better! for exemple, to learn Norwegian and Swedish at the same time or Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.... Russian and Ukrainian, and like that!!!

    I currently restarted my German and Dutch courses to take them simultaneously, it's going pretty well!


    I'm currently learning economic English, French, economic French, Esperanto at the same time and will start with Spanish in 2 months - I guess that's enough, isn't it ;-)?


    It's also a really fun language on its own :)


    Maybe Portuguese as well. I speak Portuguese and it seems like a similar language.


    I mean, if you really want to learn Esperanto then I'd recommend continuing with that. I mean, it might not have a bunch of native speakers, but you can continue the tree, gold it, talk to people on italki or lernu, do some anki and immerse yourself. That's pretty much my plan for Hebrew, then Esperanto(so that might take a while....). If you just want to complete the tree, then I would think probably some Romance language would be the closest.

    [deactivated user]

      Oh I plan on learning it anyways. I just wanted to know what else was like it.


      In terms of vocabulary, how it sounds, how the grammar works...?


      vocabulary speaking the closest are the romance langages (french, spanish, italian) and english, followed by german, followed (far) by russian.


      I learnt French before I started Esperanto, but I've found I can guess what a lot of Esperanto words are because they sound like French words. For example eo-kaŝi, fr-cacher, en-to hide. eo-atendi, fr-attendre, en-to wait

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