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Finished tree? Take an exam, get a free magazine.

If you have finished the Esperanto tree and would like to test yourself, you can go to Lernu.net and take one of their online exams. When you successfully pass the exam (at least, this was the case when I took the basic exam a couple months ago), you will be given an option to get a free copy of Esperanto or Kontakto magazines. It took about a month for my copy to arrive from the Netherlands.


June 3, 2015



This is so cool! I would love to just show up to school with a magazine in a different language, you are definitely getting a lingot! Hope you love this language as much as I do!


I did this a while ago and I really recommend it! I chose the Kontakto magazine and I got a really interesting magazine a couple of weeks later, containing all sorts of debates, news and interesting topics.

Taking your learning from the internet and Duolingo over to the physical world, and getting exposed to Esperanto culture through this magazine was an awesome experience.


Yes, do this! I did this last fall and got a magazine all in Esperanto that was actually pretty interesting. I'm so used to seeing Esperanto online, that it was awesome to see an interesting and well laid-out physical magazine in Esperanto! It's also quite the conversation piece ;)


Kiel malfacile estas?


Ne tre malfacila. Kompreneble, oni devas havi bonan bazon en la lingvo, kaj komprenas demandvortojn, prepoziciojn, afiksojn, ktp. Vi povas legi kio estas bezone ĉi tie: http://en.lernu.net/mia_lernu/ekzamenoj/antauxkonoj.php


What a great idea!

I wonder how well prepared I would be for the exam after the Duolingo tree and a bit of previous study. I got 5/5 in the progress test 8-o though I know I made some mistakes and even skipped a couple of questions. The Lernu exams are one of my aims, it's nice to be able to know what kind of standard you're at, you know? And a free magazine would be cool :)


You can read what is necessary to pass the various levels here: http://en.lernu.net/mia_lernu/ekzamenoj/antauxkonoj.php


I read them before, I've just been too cowardly to actually take it ;)

However this gave me the necessary kick up the backside and I took it today - got 48/50 and asked for a copy of Kontakto :) I will have to practise my basics again as both mistakes were pretty silly but it's nice to have accomplished that :D so thanks for posting about this in the first place!


I passed the basic level examination over the winter, and it was really neat getting a free copy of an actual Esperanto publication, but be warned that for me it took a little over three months for it to arrive (although part of that may have been the college mailroom). But patience paid off and the magazine itself is helping me become more comfortable in preparation for the next exam.


I think that this is such a great motivation to finish the tree!


Thanks! I'm going to do this.


Nice - can you pick it up from the Netherlands?


No idea, but I imagine if you contacted the UEA in Rotterdam they would advise you.


I can't find the link anymore!


That is because lernu.net is restyled and the exams are no longer there. Check the forums on lernu. There are KER-exams also by the way ;)


La ligilo ne funkcias. The retumilo montras ke la retpaĝo ne estas.

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