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  5. "У вас є макарони з сиром?"

"У вас є макарони з сиром?"

Translation:Do you have pasta with cheese?

June 3, 2015



At least here in the US, we call it macaroni and cheese. Would this be an acceptable translation? Should I report it?


What do you call "macaroni and cheese" exactly?


Шліть звіт про помилку. Я думаю модератори там розберуться, бо тут вони не часто відгукуються, принаймні останнім часом.


In Canada, we also call it 'macaroni and cheese'. The noodles are hollow & semicircular. 'Pasta' is a general term, whereas 'macaroni' is a specific type of noodle. People from the West will be confused when visiting Ukraine when they order 'Mac & Cheese' and they get some totally different pasta....they'll have many cranky & crying children who LOVE to eat Mac & Cheese. :/


Macaroni is also a specific kind of pasta in my US dialect. However, in US legal language, macaroni is the general term that you will see on all pasta containers in fine print.


It's amusing to me how the word for Cheese in ukrainian reminds me of serum in english.


Serum is сироватка in Ukr :) (it's both "serum" and "whey")

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Is this about pasta and farmer cheese? :)


All kinds of cheese are сир in Ukrainian :) (like in English)

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I know that (it's just like in Polish ;) ) but I've asked about the dish :D You know sth like that in Ukraina? :)


We usually eat our pasta with hard cheese :D


I am not even sure mac'n'cheese is a thing in Ukranian.

Is it a type of meal where you live? Because in Russian «макароны с сыром» is just two foods together, no different from "an apple and a banana", "potatoes and onions", "cheese and oatmeal" and so on.


Mac'n'cheese is a meal here. It's like little macaroni noodles with cheese sort of melted over it. It could be "macaroni and cheese", like above (two different foods), but if you said that to me, I would assume it's the combined meal.


"classic" mac'n'cheese - surely not. But спагеті з сиром is definitely a thing :)


In Poland "makaron z serem" is mostly pasta with quark cheese. It is basically the first thing that comes to mind. It is eaten usually with cinnamon or bread crumbs fried on butter with sugar or just sugar.


What's the Ukranian for "macaroni cheese" the dish with small hollow pasta, and a creamy cheese sauce with melted chedder cheese on top?

I really want to eat this food now!


Aah, no assimilation, so difficult to say з сиром

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