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Uploading documents

The lingot store says "Upload a document to Immersion, and receive 1 lingot every time someone upvotes your document."

Where is Immersion located?

June 3, 2015



I think that only the first five languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese) have immersion.


Do you not see "Immersion" in the blue bar above? It should go "home/start" "words" "activity" "discussion" and "immersion." (Not 100% sure on the English because my interface is Spanish right now.)

That said, I think it takes time for the newer languages to get their immersion section. Perhaps Dutch--that is Dutch, right?--just doesn't have one yet?


Okay thanks, superdaisy. Yeah, apparently Dutch for English Speakers doesn't have the Immersion feature yet, since Immersion doesn't appear. Nor does Words. duoLingo is still young yet, so they will probably add them to the features eventually.


Darn! Well, with time. :) And when you get a better basis, you could do the English for Dutch Speakers tree, which may have an immersion tab.

If you want to get your words list, this worked for me before the Words tab became available: http://www.reddit.com/r/duolingo/comments/2el32h/get_your_duolingo_learned_word_list/


Oh yeah, nice tip. Thanks. English for Dutch Speakers does have a Verdieping (Immersion) tab, so I'll check that out. (I actually thought 'verdieping' only referred to floors in a building: 1e verdieping, 2e verdieping, etc.) However, still no Woorden tab yet for some reason. But I'm really not interested in the learned words list or stats anyway. I'm really just speeding through the individual 'test out' tests to see where my weaknesses are. So far, the unit on Prepositions has been pretty helpful. Turns out I'm kind of weak in that area, so I went through all of the individual lessons. I also like that there's a way for you to ask individual questions about each and every little exercise and they have people who will usually respond fairly quickly to a sincere question. I'm still waiting for an answer to my "Wat is het verschil tussen te veel en teveel?" question, though. Whew! There for a moment when I switched back to the Dutch for English Speakers tree, I thought my progress was going to be wiped out, but no, luckily everything is still there.


Great! I bookmarked the start pages for both my trees for easier switching. It's not as easy as when you're studying multiple languages from the same base language.

I've definitely found the English-for-Spanish speakers tree to be challenging in a really good way. It's a lot pickier than the Spanish tree is, and the discussions are indeed interesting.

Good luck!


Yeah, Duo is only 3. Almost.


You see a little bar at the top, next to the title of DuoLingo. Right next to the title is HOME, and right next to HOME is WORDS and right next to WORDS is ACTIVITY and right next to ACTIVITY is DISCUSSION and right next to DISCUSSION is IMMERSION... :). If you were able to ask this question and start the conversation by clicking ''DISCUSSION'' above, then I am sure you can click ''IMMERSION'' right next to DISCUSSION.

Hope I helped! :D

P.S. If you still don't see the IMMERSION button at the top, who needs lingots? Just learn your language and learn how to communicate with others, forget about those little lingies! :p


I didn't mean to annoy you...I was hoping I can help :(

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