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  5. "Is there a lamp in the bag?"

"Is there a lamp in the bag?"

Translation:Ĉu estas lampo en la sako?

June 3, 2015



asked Jafar of Alladin.


Is there an Esperanto equivalent to this sense of the English word "there?" In English, "there" can be a placeholder for an unknown subject. In Esperanto, "tie" only means "there" in the sense of a physical place.


No, there is no such word. This use of 'there' is known to me only in germanic languages.


"Cxu trovigxas lampo en la sako" can be the answer as well. In that case (at least to my ear) the bag is supposed to contain several items, one of which can be a lamp.


Who or what is doing the finding? Esti seems to be the one verb (so far) in Esperanto that can exist in this subject-less state.


"trovigxas" means "is to be found". The finder is doing the finding :) More subject-less verbs: pluvas (it rains), sxajnas (it seems). But in the sentence I proposed the lamp /is/ the subject.


Would "Ĉu la sako enhavas lampon?" be correct?


Does the bag contain a lamp?

sfupsvwf npj


Cxu oni povas diri "Estas lampo en la sako?" Sen la "cxu"?


Oni povas, kaj kun la '?' eĉ estas demando. Parolante tamen mi konsilus kontraŭe; diversaj kulturoj kantas la demandon malsame, kaj se vi metas 'ĉu' estas klare al ĉiu kion vi celas.

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