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"Kvinner trenger menn som fisk trenger sykler."

Translation:Women need men like fish need bicycles.

June 3, 2015



...and somewhere deep in the ocean a little fish hugs its bicycle sobbing.


and it occurred to nobody, yet nobody that that was actually the most famous feminist slogan women used in the past when they fought for equaliy)))


Notwithstanding the fact that it's kind of absurd to call this a "SJW" sentence (considering it caught on in the 1970s, long before modern Internet culture), if you really have that much of a problem with it, replace the nouns with whatever you want, and voilà! You have learned Grammar.

This is what some of us have to do for every sentence that starts or ends with "my wife" -- which is a LOT more frequent, on Duo and other language courses always -- and it works out just fine.


Just wanted to say that I like those quirky sentences ... but jeez - calm down people!

OMG Duolingo mentions gay marriage or now and then a light-hearted sentence like this one! And on the other side there are sentences like "the girl likes pink" -

Get the pitchforks! Or wait - maybe just breeeeze?

Even if I wouldn't like some of those sentences - still so much better than all the other boring language courses. So I guess I just wanted to say that I do not feel preached to. I'm sure if one would want to one could find almost in every sentence "a preachy meaning" . Kind of says more about those people who react to those sentences than the sentence itself...


Every sentence here is to help us improve our skills. The more "uvanlige" it is the better we remember it.


Special "Onkel min er bjørn " :D


Min onkel er en bjørn! :)

You can leave out the indefinite article when you're talking about a profession, for example, «Onkelen min er tannlege,» but you need it here.


I think that these kind of scentences are good, because you have to think on every word, not just guess the scentence from the first two words.


I didn't know fish were romantically involved with bicycles. The more you know.


The English version I'm familiar with is "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." Often attributed to Gloria Steinem or Flo Kennedy, but in fact coined by Irina Dunn in 1970. https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/414150.html


in the Guiness museum of Dublin there's actually a mechanical fish riding a bycicle


It's because in the late 80s Guinness had a famous TV ad in which all the men disappeared from the world. It was going rather well...until the camera turned to a maternity ward in which all the cradles were empty. Then, in the last shots, the quote came up followed by the fish laboriously pedalling along the street on its bike.

I don't know what it had to do with beer, but it was a pretty cool commercial for the time!


I just love how people first post something that clearly violates community guidelines and then try to tie it to "freedom of speech" and "SJW mods". Freedom of speech does not and has never meant that you can say whatever, whenever, wherever. And by no means it overrides local standards. Leaving aggressive comments that are bound to start a flame war and then acting all surpised when mods do their actual moderating job - oh my gosh, democracy is definitely in danger!


And vice versa. And yet, I live with a man, and we often things for each other that are "gender stereotypes", because that is more comfortable for both of us. Why fight wars that are over already.


It might be over for you, but for a lot of people it is an ongoing battle, sadly.


Well played, Duolingo, well played. ;)


is "fisk" plural by default like "fish" is in english?


It's often used like a collective noun, yes, as is the case in this sentence. However, if you were referring to plural fish in an individual sense, you could still use "fisker".

[deactivated user]

    Fish these days... smh


    And men need women like a fish needs a bicycle.


    Jeg liker hvordan konservativene kritiserer liberalene fordi de klager på alt, mens de er de første å gjøre det.


    I like living with my man :DDD


    I know a German version saying "en kninne uten mann er som en fisk uten sykkel"


    This course is getting weird...


    That was actually a famous pop culture slogan in America in the 1970s, in what was called the Women's Lib era. T-shirts (on women, of course!) abounded.


    I looove it here


    Man kan enkelt vende om dette ...

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