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  5. "Can you close the door?"

"Can you close the door?"

Translation:Ĉu vi povas fermi la pordon?

June 3, 2015



How do you say:
Hold the Door :(


Can someone please clarify this for me? Why is "pordo" listed in the accusative? The question is essentially if you are able to close the door. The conjugated verb is POVI, which refers to the action of closing the door. The door is not receiving the action, as far as I can see. Please advise, much thanx.


The door is the thing that you are closing, so it is receiving the closing action. This is why it is in the accusative.


Would a more accurate english translation be "Are you able to close the door?"


Does this mean please close the door in esperanto


Is this right in Esperanto? In English you usually say, "please can you..." (Although technically it should be "would you mind...? Please do so."), Does it mean the same, or is it literally is it physically possible for you to close the door? Or is it more a case of technically the latter, but usually the former?


Why vi povas and not povas vi?


Yes, I can, but will I? That's another question.

Kiel oni diras "Will you close the door" kiel peto?

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