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  5. "Må vi fortsette å lese?"

" vi fortsette å lese?"

Translation:Do we have to continue to read?

June 3, 2015



A quick question: the word here for "continue"- "fortsette"- how is it pronounced? The audio voice says /fort-sheh-teh/...I know that the '-rs' digraph represents /sh/ in many dialects (e.g. "Norsk"= /noshk/), but in "fortsette" there is a 't' in between...could someone simply confirm that /fort-sheh-teh/ is correct? (I have learned to not always trust the Duolingo audio..)


Yes, bring on the "h".


What's the word for "should", if I were to say "Should we keep reading?"


Either skal or bør.


important question: "Do we have to continue reading"and "Do we have to continue to read" i think has two different meaning , first sentence means we have to continue reading but latter means we have to continue(doing something) to gain ability of reading, can someone explain it for me since i became completely confused in this part of duolingo


Hi Moniczkagerman - 'Continue' is one of the verbs in English which can be followed by either a gerund or an infinitive with little or no difference in meaning. If I could suggest a reliable website for such things, I would, but many sites are either not accurate or they are incomplete. A very useful resource that would help you sort out the gerund/infinitive (or both) mysteries of English is Practical English Usage by Michael Swan. It's an indispensable reference for language learners of English (and for native speakers of English who have no idea about the actual rules/patterns of their language).


I see what Moniczka is saying. Yes thats a possible interpretation of the second sentence (we must continue to read = we must continue in order to read) but it is not the only grammatical reading of that word choice, and is not what is meant here.


See my response under Richard.


How do you pronounce it? The audio has a 'ch' sound in the middle (where the rts is)...


The audio is correct. The s is pronounced /sh/.


Why would "we have to continue to read?" not be accepted?


When translating questions, we generally only accept answers that are phrased as questions.

In Norwegian, that means inverting the verb/subject word order. In English, it means using an auxiliary ("do").


A modal verb can also be used: "Must we continue reading?" In both cases, the verb/subject order is inverted in English too.


Do og and å sound different to norwegien ears?


To many if not all Norwegians, yes. However, I think sometimes when you're speaking slowly to enunciate, the /g/ in 'og' can be pronounced, not sure if that is rare or only said by certain demographics.


To most Norwegians the two words sound EXACTLY the same. Some dialects do, however, pronounce the g in og.


Can you not say, "Must we continue to read?" that was my answer and it was shown as incorrect.


That's accepted on our end.


In conversation, could I use this to convey "do we have to keep reading?" Or would I need a different phrasing?


Yes, that's an option.

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