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"Gelmedim çünkü seni sevmiyorum."

Translation:I did not come because I do not love you.

June 3, 2015



Turkish Duolingo is suitably dramatic. Seviyorum!


Why can it not be 'like' instead of 'love'? Both are listed as possible translations of 'sevmek'.


'Love' would be 'sevmek' whereas 'like' would be 'hoşlanmak,beğenmek'. If we are talking about objects,things,abstract stuff you can use 'beğenmek' and 'sevmek' which have close meanings. But for humans(romantical) you can use 'hoşlanmak' and 'sevmek' which are similar to 'like' and 'love'. For non romantical love you also use 'sevmek'. And there is such a thing as 'aşık olmak' which corresponds to 'to be in love'.


like(beğenmek) and love(sevmek) are the same thing in turkish but many people use love instead of like. Love is for people, like for objects but it does not mean that you can't use like for object you can use this for people but it is not used in daily life.


You are right (as a word), but i think it could be heavy admit (love is effective than like) And by the other hand ,Because the noun (sevmek) can't be neligated so using sevi+pronouns is the right(logic) talking ☺


How does Turkish make a distinction between "Because I don't love you, I didn't come" (i.e. I don't love you, and therefore I didn't come) and "I came not because I don't love you" (i.e. I came for reasons unrelated with whether I love you or not, and I'm not saying whether I do or don't)? "I didn't come because I don't love you" can mean both in English.

So does this Turkish sentence mean both English possibilities and has the same ambiguity, or does it mean just one (or neither) of them?


Okay let's evaluate the possibilities and ambiguities:

Geldim çünkü seni sevmiyorum: I came because I don't love you.

Gelmedim çünkü seni sevmiyorum: I didn't come because i don't love you.

Gelmem seni sevmemden: That i came is due to my love for you(that i love you).

Gelmem seni sevmememden: That i came is not due to my love for you(that i love you).

Gelmem seni sevmememden değil: It's not because that i don't love you that i came.

Gelmemin seni sevmememle alakası yok: My coming(presence here) is not is not related to my dislike for you.

Seni sevmediğim için gelmedim: I didn't come because i don't love you./ I came not because i don't love you.

Note: As you see the last one has ambiguity. And as you may guess some sentences are not the precise translations. But i tried to use the expressions in English according to their rules.


Thanks so much! I haven't yet studied the verbal nouns, so just to confirm, is "Gelmem seni sevmemden" literally "My coming is due to ('from') my loving [of] you"?


My pleasure and yes it is.

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