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`Words' not updated

My last practiced date and strength on https://www.duolingo.com/words don't seem to update. Anything I can do?

I have lots of `last practiced last year'.

Thanks, Matthias.

June 3, 2015



I see the same thing........and I see posts talking about this problem that are more than a year old.......so it doesn't make any sense to me..........

and to make the point even stronger.......I decided to try some of the flashcard practice today to see if it updated the 'last practiced' times when the flashcards were presented to me and I got them right........ and when I looked after doing it for awhile, several of the flashcards that were in the sets I practiced are still showing as last practiced more than a year ago.........

doesn't give me much confidence that the 'last practiced' info is being modified at all.........


I know this was posted a long time ago, but I'm having the same issue now. Common words say last practiced 2 years ago (when I actually see them all the time)

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