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Turkish Adjectives

Hi, I'm currently on the Adjectives lesson in Turkish, but Lesson 2 has me horribly stumped, is there any way I can look at a list of the words used in it? I'd like to look at them, and see their meaning and study it a bit more on my time before delving back into the lesson to complete it. Like, if there is some sort of list feature for a lesson where it shows the words and their definitions that would be great, or is there is a Turkish person in the discussion who can defienbu, şu, bunlar, şunlar, zor, kolay, büyük, küçük I am already aware that büyük is big and that küçük is little. Those were pretty easy, it's just the others that confuse me since they all mean certain T words like these, those, that, this. Thanks.

June 3, 2015



I'm not Turkish but I think I could help you a little here :)

bu - this,

şu - that,

bunlar - these,

şunlar - those,

zor - difficult,

kolay - easy,

Hope this is helpful :)


Thank you man, this is exactly what I wanted. Gave you a lingot as well.


I think that lesson also has çok very.


çalışkan=hardworking tembel=lazy güzel=beatiful çirkin=ugly aç=hungry susuz=thirsty
if you want more i can write :)

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