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Veo al maestro PK Veo a tu maestro

I got that 'a' is always there when refers to a person, but what about 'al'? Is it some kind of abbreviation for 'a' and 'el' (Im only guessing...)? Then what about 'a' and 'la' ?

May 17, 2012



this is a contraction of a + el = al. there is no abbreviation for a + la


Don't want to be nitpicking, just to be clear: Tilde: ~ like above the ñ in mañana. Acute accent: ´ like above the é in él. Great explanation about the contractions, anyway.

Edit: just checked, and according to Wikipedia Spanish is the exception, in which any accent mark may be called a 'tilde'.


Evelina meant a contraction. There are two contractions in Spanish: al (a + el) and del (de + el). Please note that this only applies to "el" and not to "él". With the accent mark (properly called a tilde) él means he or him, without the tilde it means "the".


Gracias CalvoViejo Yes, I meant "a contraction"


"a tu" = your "al" = the

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