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"La suno brilas super la bela ĉielarko."

Translation:The sun is shining above the beautiful rainbow.

June 3, 2015



...As far as I can remember popular books I could read in my childhood, the center of a rainbow is always opposite the sun. So is the meaning of "brilas super..." different from what I imagine when I read it - or am I just digging too deep? xD


I fully agree! For that reason I entered the "discuss sentence"... I imagine this as a description of a childish drawing. :D


Sun can't shine over the rainbow cause to see a raimbow the sun must be behind us (our head)


"The sun shines above the lovely rainbow." is correct but it is ruled out as false. There are many of such errors. I hope they fix this in the next versions.


This is how beta version works. Users detect errors and report them, then and only then they will fix the reported errors for the stable version.
So you have to report any error you see, by clicking on Report a problem and selecting My answer should be accepted.


Nice, I'd happily do that.

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