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  5. А а as [ah] in bus


А а as [ah] in bus

I'm from England and I'm not sure where the ah sound in bus is... I've just been to forvo too and still can't hear this ah sound...

Is this a mistake?

Am I missing something?

June 3, 2015



I'm not native a English speaker and not that great in phonology, but after listening to different "buses" on Forvo I can say that whatever the vowel in "bus" is, that's the sound you need for Ukrainian "a"


Cool, thanks Vinnfred, answered my question perfectly :)


My best advice is don't worry too much about the " x as in x word" descriptions, listen to the actual audio. English accents vary hugely and the vowel sound in a given word won't necessarily be the same for a Brit, an American, an Aussie... and describing Ukrainian (or another other language's) sounds in terms of English approximations is always going going to be dodgy.

Which isn't to say ignore Vinnfred's suggestions, but just that actually listening to the language is always going to be better than attempting to equate it to a sound another language might not even have.

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