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  5. "The water is in the pool."

"The water is in the pool."

Translation:Vannet er i bassenget.

June 3, 2015



If I write "vannet er inne i bassenget", then that's wrong bc it would translate to ".... inside the pool"? Thanks so much to all who are answering here, this is great and very helpful! Much like private tutoring. :D


Going on from this, would innenfor be incorrect also?


Yes, "innenfor" is mainly used to express that you're inside some sort of boundary, like fence for instance. It doesn't have to be a physical boundary either, it can be used to express that something belongs to an academic field, for instance:

"Innenfor lingvistikken..."
"In linguistics..."


Would "vannet er på bassenget" be incorrect in this situation?


Yes, "på" would be used in relation to a flat or positive surface, think "på gulvet" or "på taket".

"I" is used when there's a negative space to be filled, like a pool or a cup.


Why is "Vannet er inni bassenget" wrong? Is it the same reason why "vannet er inne i bassenget" is wrong?


When talking of physical things, those with bigger openings take "i", while those with smaller openings, the things that are able to enclose something, usually have the option of taking "inni/inne i". This is similar to the in/inside divide in English.

There's quite a bit of overlap between "i" and "inni/inne i", with "i" being the one doing the overlapping, but this is something you will get a better feel for with more exposure to the language. If you're unsure, "i" is a pretty safe bet. :)

Some nouns, and even verbs, take certain prepositions without much rhyme and reason to it, and those you'll just have to learn. Certain rooms in a house can take "i" while others take "på", for instance.


Why is this incorrect "Vannet er i bessenget "? Instead of swimmingpool , I said pool, what's wrong in that?


It's spelled "bassenget", with an "a".


Thank you, I missed that detail, also thank you for all the explications


Bare hyggelig! :)


Kan "ligger", "står" eller et liknende verb brukes i denne setningen?


Why doesn't Vannet ligger i bassenget work here? Someone please explain!!!!!!!!!


I used "bassenget" and it said i was wrong and gave me "svømmebasseng" as the correction.

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