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  5. "The girl likes those shoes."

"The girl likes those shoes."

Translation:Pigen kan godt lide de sko.

June 3, 2015



Why not 'disse sko'? I thought that when I mean certain shoes I use 'disse' . And when I am talking about shoes in general I use 'de'.


'Disse sko' would mean 'these shoes', whereas if you just wanted to say 'the shoes' you would say 'skoene'.


"de sko" means "those shoes", so here is a problem: "de smukke sko" means "the beautiful shoes", but how would one say "those beautiful shoes"? Wouldn't that also be "de smukke sko". - How could one distinguish between "the" and "those" then?


is there another way to say 'like' in danish?

[deactivated user]

    There is also "at synes godt om" which is what Facebook uses.

    "Pigen synes godt om de sko."


    Why isn't it 'dem sko'?


    I'm guessing because in proper english we don't say them shoes... Except for a few parts of England

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