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  5. "The flower is pink."

"The flower is pink."

Translation:La floro estas rozkolora.

June 3, 2015



Did they teach 'roza' as a word for pink in the colors section, or did I just miss it? I don't remember pink being mentioned as anything besides 'rozkolora'. It would be strange to correct on a word that wasn't taught.


I got marked wrong because apparently it can also be ;la floro estas roza'


Roza means "rosey"


Do you not need estas in this sentence?


No. The verb is "rozkoloras".


How is it a verb??


"rozkoloras" is a verb as it ends on -as


I understood how to identify that it was a verb in the sentence, but I don't understand how that word came to be.

I know in English, we take nouns and turn them into verbs whose meanings usually have to do with the action that goes along with using that object (We fish fish, we drink drinks, and we rake with rakes), but where's the action inside an adjective? How does one pink?


In Esperanto verbs from adjective roots have the meaning "to be ..."

"rozkolori" = "to be pink"


No, you don’t, in this sentence rozkolori is the verb. But you could of course use esti and an adjective.

La floro estas rozkolora.


I see that the correct grammar is "La floro estas rozkolora" and so I understand it better- why don't we add n in the end of rozkolora as "La floro estas rozkoloran"


Why should we? The -n is used for the accusative of the direct object of a transitive verb. Esti/to be on the other hand is a linking verb, which does not take a direct object. It links two things on the same level. There is no difference to English.


Forgot to report it during timed practice, but roza should be accepted for rozkolora:

2 Havanta la koloron de la plej ordinara rozo, t.e. helruĝetan: rozaj vangoj, lipoj; helroza ŝtofo; la rozafingra Aŭroro.



In the previous question Duo wanted to have the translation of purple. I wrote purpura and was considered wrong! Duo wants violkolora . The dictionaries that I have do not agree! Purpura is purple and violkolora is violet. Technically speaking, violet is one wave length and purple is a range of combinations of red and blue. So please change your amswer.

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