"Kan du være så snill å vise meg veien til biblioteket?"

Translation:Could you please show me the way to the library?

June 3, 2015

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For those who as me might have doubts about this sentence in relation to whether it should be "så snill Å vise" or "så snill og vise", here is some information from Korrekturavdelingen: 1. It should be "VÆR SNILL OG + INFINITIV" if you do NOT use intensifier SÅ. e.g. Kan du være snill og komme? Vær så snill og hjelp meg. But should you use intensifier SÅ then it looks like "VÆR SÅ SNILL Å + INFINITIV" e.g. Kan du være så snill å komme?

While Språkrådet approved also the variant with SÅ + OG Vær så vennlig og fjern dere

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I translated it as "Could you be so kind and show me the way to the library". I know it does not say "AND show me", but "TO show me", but is it really different?


Why isn't "Can you be so kind as to show me the road to the library?" correct?

But "Can you be so kind as to show me the way to the library?" is?


Is it wrong to place "please" at the beginning of the sentence? In my opinion it is irrelevant, so why the system did not accept it?

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