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"Dagene er langsomme og nettene er raske."

Translation:The days are slow and the nights are fast.

June 3, 2015



Why 1 night is Natt But more nights are Netter?


I answered "nattene" and DL said nothing. I know DL is often forgiving of 1-letter spelling errors, but it is really a disservice to not even mention my spelling mistakes. That only encourages me to learn things incorrectly. In this unit I also put "langsome" for days, and DL said nothing. Finally one day it mentioned that it should be "langsomme". Fine, but now I have to unlearn "langsome" which I thought was right for so long.


In what context I would use this sentence?


I am assuming it is referring to the long days and short nights during the Norwegian Summer, but I might be wrong.


Nights? Which nights?

(I live in Norway, we are in June and there is already almost no nights, my brain is dying because of the lack of sleep)


Is this how Nordmen say that days are long and nights are short or it literally means that days are slow and nights fast (in terms of pace)?


I actually translated into "long" and "short" which is not actually "slow" and "fast". So in my opinion, the long and short should not be accepted here as a correct answer.. It's misleading.


except 'the days are long and the nights are short' sounds better in English


I didn't realise that "langsam" (which is similar to "langsomme") is long-some until this.


Would i be correct in thinking raske is specific to time? And maybe "brief" is a better translation?


"Rask" means fast. Someone who can run fast, for example. If I understand correctly.


Would you say thar raskt is a cognate with "rush?"


Ordboka forteller as "rask" kommer fra lågtysk: https://ordbok.uib.no/perl/ordbok.cgi?OPP=rask

Hvis vi stoler på Wiktionary, kommer vi til rasch: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rasch#German_Low_German

Det ser ut at det tilsvarer engelsk "rash", https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rash#English

Hvis du ser på etymologien til "rush", ser den forskjellig ut: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/rush#Etymology_2

Så de ser ikke som slektninger.


Did not accept quick. 24Sep19


Is summer time hehe XD. I remembered that from my celestial navigation. Haha


I put the right answer as far as I know, but it civers my answer so how can I see whaer I went wrong if I did. Please allow our answers to be seen as well ss the corrections! Takk


My phone is also acting up!

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