"La vegetaranoj manĝas en la restoracio."

Translation:The vegetarians eat in the restaurant.

June 3, 2015

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I'm a beef farmer and I'm learning Esperanto....


I expected "restaurant" to be "manĝejo" (i.e. "place for eating") or something else internally created as opposed to a Romance cognate.

Does anyone here know if there is an alternative to "restoracio"?


Indeed the word "manĝejo" exists, but it is more generic. Every "restoracio" is a "manĝejo", but not the contrary.


"manĝejo" is more ĝeneral, can also be a "dining hall".


Are there a lot of vegetarian esperantists? It seems to be featuring in the vocab earlier than would be expected


It's been posited (by one of the many vegetarians who are doing the course and commenting in these things from time to time) that there may be some correlation between the kind of person who learns a language intended to unite the world, and the kind of person who disapproves of slaughtering other animals.


Mi manĝas nur plantan manĝaĵon. Dum nenio kaj neniu devigas min manĝi beston aŭ sekrecion de besto, ĝi restas tiel. Mi ne povas imagi kialon por mortigi (aŭ mortigigi) senteman beston.

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