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  5. "De vil lære seg norsk."

"De vil lære seg norsk."

Translation:They want to teach themselves Norwegian.

June 3, 2015



Ja, jeg vil lære meg norsk! :D


Og du er allerede godt i gang! :D


what does i gang mean?


'å komme i gang' = 'to get started'

The sentence roughly translates to "and you're already well underway"


Also wondering what i gang means.


Ha, what fools... wait a minute.


To people who are confused... "to learn" is an old way of saying "to teach" and you can still find it in some American dialects. I found a little explanation here: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/14778/is-learn-the-new-teach

[deactivated user]

    I have been using 'underviser' for 'teach' to avoid the confusion between the two.


    "Learn" is the way one would say in English.


    "They want to learn Norwegian" was accepted, but is it incorrect (or at least has the wrong nuance)? Would that just be "De vil lære norsk"?


    I believe "lære" means "teach" with an indirect object (e.g. jeg lærer dem å danse) and learn without one (e.g. han lærer å danse). Therefore "they want to learn Norwegian" would be "de vil lære norsk", which could mean teaching themselves or learning from someone else. Put a "seg" in there and you're specifying that they're doing both the learning and the teaching, thus "they want to teach themselves Norwegian".


    This is not quite right. I would say: Jeg lærer meg norsk med Duolingo or Jeg lærer norsk med Duolingo, and they mean the same thing. I could say 'Jeg skal lære meg fransk før jeg reiser til Frankrike.' It doesn't mean I will do it all by myself.


    I still don't get the difference: is it really true "I want to learn Norwegian=I want to teach Norwegian=Jeg vil lære norsk"?


    I want to teach Norwegian = Jeg vil undervise i norsk/jeg vil lære deg norsk. The sentence: Jeg vil lære .... means I want to learn ....


    I wrote "They want to learn norsk by themselves" and it was wrong. Maybe my global approach to the sentence is not correct. But at least, someone please can help me understanding when the verb 'å lær' is "to learn" or "to teach"?


    I wrote the same thing! (except that I used Norwegian instead of norsk :))

    Was wondering if seg could be used as an adverbial, meaning by themselves or on their own.


    In addition to meaning "want", does "vil" mean "will"?


    Yes. I think of it as "want(s) to" when it comes second, and "will" when it comes first (in a question). Hun vil (danse) - she wants to (dance) / Vil du (danse)? - Will you (dance)?


    Why is "they will study norwegian" wrong here?


    Study = studere. De vil studere norsk.


    What's the difference between want and will in Norwegian? I don't get it...


    On what I understood, might be wrong, want is associated with a verb to the infinitive from, while will is associated with a conjugated one


    Hmm... Jeg lurer på hvordan de kan gjøre det.


    There's this 'kul' website you can go to to teach yourself norsk. Can't remember what it's called - something to do with a green owl?

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