"No, please!"

Translation:Nei, vær så snill!

June 3, 2015



seems pretty inconvenient for it to be that long

imagine if you're about to be murded



The language is tailored to our crime rates.


it'd not have helped if it'd have been shorter anyways :-))


"Nei, takk" was correct here. But is that one, or "Nei, vær så snill" used more often? Or are there differences between the situations they're used in?


"Nei, takk." is what you normally would say when turning down an offer, just like "No, thanks." in English. "Nei, vær så snill" would be the same "No, please" when you plead for someone not to.


Exactly, but keep in mind that "takk" and "vær så snill" can both be used when asking for something politely: Kan jeg få en kopp kaffe, takk/vær så snill? (I copied the example from below because it's the easiest I could find)


That's what I have thought. Thanks for clarification!


As jpiperenger said, the default Google keyboard should have a globe symbol to the left of the spacebar. If you long press the globe and choose "language settings", you can add other language keyboards, like Norwegian. Press the globe to cycle thru your language keyboards to choose the one you want. But if you already have the default Google English keyboard, just long press "a" or "o" to find å, æ, or ø.


What is a snill?

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Snill isn't a noun. :0)
It means kind. Literally translated, Vær så snill means "be so kind."


In what situations would you use 'Takk' as opposed to 'Vær så snill'?


Takk = thanks/ thank you

Vær så snill = Please

Both are very common expressions, but here are a few situations where it would be natural to use them: "Takk" is often used when recieving something (a gift, a cup of coffe, a letter), when someone does you a favour.

"Vær så snill" can be used for asking for something, asking for a favour/help, pleading/begging.

However, both "takk" and "vær så snill" can be used when asking/ordering something: "Kan jeg få en kopp kaffe, takk/vær så snill?" (Can I have a cup of coffee please?"


"Nei, Takk" would be used to say: "No thanks."

"Nei, Vær så snill" would be used to say: "No, please." Technically, they mean the same thing but for the question, "No, please", you would use the second option.


I thought it was Nei, vaer sa god! ( pretend the letters are Norwegian letters.) Why was it "snill" instead?


"Vær så god" (You're welcome) is what you can say in response to someone thanking you after you've given them something or done something for them.


Do the Norweigans not have a faster way to say 'please'?


"Vær så snill" is no more time-consuming to say than in French (s'il te plaît/s'il vous plaît), and it's shorter than in Japanese (お願いします - onagaishimasu), or Russian (пожалуйста - pozhaluysta). ;)


IS there anyway of saying 'please' in a shorter way?


If your intention is to order someone politely to do something, you can often replace 'vær så snill' med 'vennligst', which admittedly isn't that much shorter. Beware that it can come off as a bit formal, and also would not work in the above sentence.

It's something you'll often see written on signs, to soften what is actually an order:

"Vennligst lukk døren etter deg når du går."
"Please close the door behind you when you leave."


Is "Nei, er du snill" completely incorrect here?


Quite the opposite actually, "Nei, er du snill" does work perfectly fine in some situations. For example: "Nei, er du snill å la døra være lukket" (No, please leave the door closed) "Er du snill" can be used instead of "vær så snill": "Er du snill/vær så snill å åpne døra" (Please open the door)


vær så snill (I have also seen 'værsåsnill' in other app) is my favourite word to write, it looks so fancy and so Norwegian lol


How do I write the joined 'ae' for the word 'vaer' on android? I can't find it. It's the same with the joined 'oe' in French (used in words such as 'soeur'). I've set my keyboard to English and Norwegian in my settings and it still didn't change anything. Please help


for me (Android 8) if you press and hold the a you find joined ae, and o for oe :)


I had a problem with this example, with entering the æ character with the on-screen button. The character was automatically written at the beginning of the sentence, not in the right place, and there was nothing to do to move it. Mac OSX 10.11.6 and Chrome, here.


I cannot help fix the issue, but what you could do is type the characters in the order you need them, then type the normal latin characters around them.


And when do we use "Vær så god!" then my friends? It means "please", too


No, "Vær så god" means "You're welcome," You can use it when you're replying to someone who has thanked you. Or it can mean "Here you go/are!" or "Dig in/Help youself" if you've offered something to someone else, for example, food.


Thank you!That was helpful! Is there any chance that you know which one do we prefer to say when replying to thanks,"Vær så god!" or "Bare hyggelig!"?


Imo, 'Bare hyggelig' is more gracious for responding to thanks offered when you've helped someone.


Is there a lesson on here as to where to find those characters on my keyboard


Tells me to pay attention to the accents, but I can't type them.. So what to do. I know they are supposed to be that..


Don't rape me! Nei, vær så snill!


Where is the funky a thing?


You mean "å"? Just hold down the "a" key on your phone's keyboard and you'll get all kinds of new options, like ä, ã, â, and even æ!


I can't find the joined 'ae'. Same with 'oe' in French. I only have letters with accents such as å ã etc. but no joined letters. Please help I'm using android


I installed "more locale" anf added it to my keyboard. A littke globe icon appears next to the spacebar which switches the keyboard from English to Norwegian. Ø,æ,å are all their own button now.

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