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  5. "They are buying small ships."

"They are buying small ships."

Translation:Küçük gemiler alıyorlar.

June 3, 2015



Why is "küçük gemi alıyorlar" wrong? If someone is e.g. selling cars as a profession, that would be said "araba satıyor", right? So why is plural required here?


When you add an adjective, the plural suffix becomes required again :) It is only when there is no adjective that you cannot use it.


Oh my god I forgot about this entirely


So, when an adjective comes before a plural general direct object, we must use its plural form in Turkish?


Is there any different in meaning of these two sentences? Onlar kuçuk gemiler aliyorlar Onlar kuçuk gemileri aliyorlar


yes, the second one talks about some definite small ships, "they are buying the small ships"


Persian we do not have article for things , we only emphasize Objects with (Ra) and I sometimes get confused with the articles.


Couldn't this also mean "the small ships are buying?"


true...I feel like context is important for this one


Small ships?! I wonder who :)


I still get confused with the plural ending. I thought if I write onlar in the beginning, it should be omitted at the end? Or is it just more common to leave out onlar and add it to the end?


"They are buying small ships." Translation: Küçük gemiler alıyorlar.


Onlar küçük gemiler alıyor.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted without the -lar suffix to the verb.

I added -lar to the pronoun instead.


Is it much more common to say "almak" instead of "satın almak" for "to buy"?
"Küçük gemi satın alıyorlar" is not currently accepted; should it be?


Hello Todd

"Küçük gemi satın alıyorlar" They are buying a small ship.

"Küçük bir gemi alıyorlar." They are buying a small ship.

I cannot verify the more common use of, "almak" or "satın almak" & I'm sure your answer is correct without using, "bir."

Duo accepts, "buying" without using, "satın" so I think it's optional.

You have created a brand new question & answer.

Thank you.


Hello, MrHilmi. Now that I see this again, I'm wondering why I didn't ask about "Küçük gemiler satın alıyorlar." My question was about the presence or absence of "satın," after all, so I'm not sure why I also changed "gemiler" from plural to singular.

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