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"Miaj gepatroj iras kien ili volas."

Translation:My parents go where they want.

June 3, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Omg annoying English :/


    "My parents go where they want to" is not correct? D:


    Your answer implies "...where they want to (go)" - it's the "to (go)" part that is incorrect here, because the verb is simply "volas".


    In "where they want to", "to" can belong to either "where" (a remnant of a Germanic preposition-derived adverbial phrase) or "want" (to imply an omitted infinitive).

    Both interpretations are proper English, and it this context, both mean the same and translate to the same.


    The "to" refers back to the original verb go. It's presence is correct so long as the first verb is there to be referenced back to.


    Do you only need a comma if a correlative is used after a noun, a subordinate clause?


    What's wrong with "My parents go wherever they like"?


    I guess because "volas" means "want/wants", not "like".


    Well, correct translations should convey equivalent messages, as a whole, not necessarily exact literal words, so Siramnot's translation satisfies that fairly, IMO. The way he used "like" translates to "wish/will/want" but can potentially mean its other definition, "enjoy/appreciate".

    Maybe duolingo is trying to keep the correct options narrow, since the latter definition is an unconventional use...or maybe they didn't consider Siramnot's phrasing when they conjured up their answer bank.


    Margo... jen frazo por mi! :P


    Why not "Miaj gepatroj iras kien si volas."? Doesn't "si" specify that it's the "gepatroj (parents)" who go where they want, and that "ili (they)" doesn't refer to some other group being referred to as "ili (they)"?


    "Si" can't be subject.

    sfuspvwf npj


    It feels like there is an omitted "tien" in this sentence. Miaj gepatroj iras tien, kien ili volas. So it's legal to do I guess.

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