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  5. "I have more books."

"I have more books."

Translation:Jeg har flere bøker.

June 3, 2015



Shouldn't this translate "Jeg har mer boeker"? - why "flere"?


"bok" is a countable noun. A similar distinction as between mer/fler exists in English in less/fewer. There are definitely people who don't always make the distinction, and other may care about that to varying degrees :)


How would you say many more ? Mange mer or flere mer? Many more/Several more... Wouldn't that make flere bøker several books instead of more books?


appreciate it dawg


what about til?


You can count books.


I don't get it. Yes, you can count books, but the word was 'more', not several, so ... ?


Right. I don't get it either


So "flere" can mean "several" and "more"?


Instead I wrote "jeg har mer boker" . Mer is also a word for more. Why did it mark me wrong?


In English we use "more" for countable and uncountable nouns. "I should drink more water" and "I have more books." But we use "fewer" for countable nouns and "less" for uncountable nouns. "I should drink less water" and "I have fewer books." Norwegian has two words (flere/mer) to mark this distinction whereas English only has "more."


Thank you! A very good explanation!


Thank you. Now what are the Norwegian words for less and fewer?


Mindre and færre


In English 'several' is also used for countable nouns, so DuoLingo's translation is wrong.


But several is also for countable nouns in English, so both should be accepted.


So flere is several but also more if countable and if uncountable, more is mer. Now I have to figure out whether I want to count the drops of water in a glass. Gulos night be faster. ;;~)


Tusen takk! Very well explained!


Thanks for a great explanation!


Yesterday it was saying that mange means more and many, but today when I typed in mange it said that it was flere. I'm very confused


General use of the word 'more': I have more. | Jeg har mer.

Using 'more' alongside a countable noun: I have more grapes. | Jeg har flere druer.


Ok so how would you say "I have several books" then?


"Jeg har flere bøker."


Wow this section is both helpful and confusing. And my apologies for this very long comment.

OK so apparently "mer" is wrong because it's for uncountable stuff such as water. That doesn't seem too far fetched, similar as "less" and fewer"; so far, we can relate.

But now the problem with "flere" is that we already learnt it meant "several". And according to some of the most upvoted comments, it would mean both "several" and "more".

Which wouldn't be that big of a deal if we could know for sure when it meant one or the other (such as "brev" or "barn") but it seems like grammar can't help us out here as they're both adverbs denoting quantity and are used more or less in the same pattern (someone correct me if I'm wrong, grammar isn't exactly my strong suit).

And we can all agree that "several" and "more", without being worlds apart in terms of meaning, are NOT the same so being blurry as to what one wants to convey using "flere" would probably be quite frustrating.

Anyone willing to come up with yet another explanation as to why sweet nice kind smart logical Norwegians would use the exact same word for "several" and "more"? It frankly seems very odd.

Also a translation matter which may be answered further down the course but given this section, I now wonder how one would translate :

"I have more books than them" "do you need more books?" "I have several books, but he has more"


So... mer means 'more' as 'more' would mean in the sentence 'I have more than you'. So more general instead of specific? o.O If I wanted to say 'I have more classes than you' I would instead say flere?


I am confused as well, but I think DanielHeck2 made the best point above. In English there are countable and uncountable nouns. As he said "I drink less water" "I have fewer books." We have separate words for reduction of a noun whether countable or uncountable. Apparently Norwegian has separate words for increasing the countable or uncountable noun.


So how would you make the distinction between "I have more books" and "I have several books" in Norwegian? Just context?


'several' and 'more' do not mean the same thing ! Despite comments here, I am sure that Norwegians use a different word for each meaning ! Another explanation is that DuoLingo's translation {more} is wrong.

Or the pronunciation might be a little different ! Let's compare with Swedish : I have several books =Jag har flera böcker. I have more books = Jag har fler böcker. We need a native Norwegian to discuss it.

After 9 months spent on DuoLIngo, it is really weird that ambiguous sentences usually come when you reach XP = 9. If DuoLingo plays such a game, it is really immature from them.


Several and more do not mean the same thing in english and are not always synonymous, and are also both "countable" as so many people are trying to explain it. Several is closer to some than it is to many. Many assumes there is an acceptable or normal amount of books that you have surpassed. Duolingo should use the word that directly correlates with the Norwegian word if there is an English word that fits.


Can anyone help me with 'bok'? boker or bøker which is right?


For this exercise, 'bøker' is correct. You can have one bok or several *bøker'. (There is no such word as 'boker', so you can forget that one.)


You're welcome :-)


Just to clarify pls, is flere used to indicate more when the noun is a countable noun and mer used when the noun is an uncountable noun? Thanks


I understood "til" was "more"? Or is that for a different scenario than this one?


Why is asking more and not flere?


They're communicating a different thing.


More is not flere! Several is flere!


We use flere to mean more when that something can be counted. You can count wine bottles but you can't count wine.

Jeg har mer vin.

Jeg har flere vinflasker.

Here "flere vinflasker" means more wine bottles.


I agree, mer/flere is confusing.


We use flere to mean more when that something can be counted. You can count wine bottles but you can't count wine.

Jeg har mer vin.

Jeg har flere vinflasker.

Here "flere vinflasker" means more wine bottles.


We were asked to translate I have more books. We put jeg har mer bøker. Duo said wrong...it should be jeg har FLERE bøker. Flere means several, no?


Duolingo is very bad at discerning which words to use when there are multiple answers. More has a word, mer. Several and many have other distinct words, so don't give us poor english and expect perfect norwegian. Does the same thing with please. There is no way to know when to use takk as a substitute or if it calls for vær så snill.


Flere means several, not more..


Why "jeg har mange boker" is not acceptable?


"Mange" means many (not more).


Mer is also more in norwegian!!!


Can we all agree to not keep asking the same question/statement when others have already posted it and it has been answered? It makes it difficult for people to find the useful threads (i.e. those with the answers).

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