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Esperanto on duolingo for Android

I apologize if this has already been asked, but how long until esperanto launches on duolingo for Android? I would love to start using my phone for lessons but am currently unable to do so.

June 3, 2015



Esperanto will become available in the app once it's considered stable. You can access the Esperanto course through your phone browser, which is almost just as good as the app considering that the mobile webpage now looks a lot like the app.


In the phone browser there are only translation exercises. No listening? Does this happen to everybody? I'm thinking about not advancing more in the course until it is complete or it appears in the app if that is the reason of no listening and speaking exercises.


I don't think they've done listening and speaking exercises yet. I will say, though, that those skills aren't nearly as important for Esperanto as most languages. As long as you hear a bit of Esperanto, when the time comes you should be able to understand it and speak it.


Yes. In fact I'm not exactly a beginner and perhaps this is the problem because I understand most of the phrases, but it is a bit boring to have only translating exercises. May be there is a technical problem with speaking exercises (voice recognition) but for listening exercises I can't see any difficulty to implement them.

I have just test also a lesson in the computer (also chrome) with microphones and it seems to work the same as in the phone. No listening exercises. Well, I can see a difference: in the computer you can see the "discuss" button, but not in the phone "adapted" version.


It might be worth testing out of any lesson(s) where you know the material really well/to the point of boredom.


For some reason, the lessons don't seem to currently include listening exercises, even on a regular browser. I'm not sure why, since if you do the placement test or the progress test, you do get listening exercises, so you'd think they would be available in lessons too, but maybe they will appear eventually.


"amuzulo: We're currently looking into this issue. Thanks! "


I'm using it now. Google Now sees that I'm doing the lessons and then prompts me to do them on the phone.


This works for me too - I have to go via Now to access them.

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