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"Is it a case of the flu or a fever?"

Translation:Is het een griep of koorts?

3 years ago


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I find it very odd that the English sentence I was presented with was "Is it a case of the flu or a fever?" while the Dutch was "Is het een griep of koorts?" with no mention of "a case". Translating this to "Is it the flu or a fever?" makes perfect sense in English, without having to add the extra words.

2 years ago

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Agree. Does anyone know what "a case of" would be in Dutch?

2 years ago


native dutch here.

a case of means: een zaak van. this means your speaking of something worse. a stence (expression) were we use it is: het is een zaak van leven of dood (litteraly translated: its a case of life or death(what it realy means: its more important than anything)

pleas do not use it becouse in other sentences it could mean something else than you think it means...

2 years ago

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Native - I would say "gaat het om griep of koorts?" which means "is it about ~"

2 years ago