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"We do not want to study for the chemistry exam."

Translation:Kimya sınavına çalışmak istemiyoruz.

June 3, 2015



didn't "okumak" mean "to read" and also mean "to study" ???


Because sınav can't be used with okumak, according to a Turk I spoke to. I feel that 'okumak' is a more general term...


Why is "Kimya sınavına çalışmayı istemiyoruz" wrong?


it is correct, will be added


Çalışmak = to study. Çalısma if I recall is the explanation. 'çalışmak', when aglutinated with 'ı', is 'çalışmağı'. This does not make sense as a verb is never aglutinated. Turkish likes to keep sentences simple when ever it is possible.


Sorry verbs are aglutinated but not in the çalışmayı sense.


I'm not quite certain - is it sinavina instead of sinava because of the compound with kimya? I'm sure I'ver read just sinava before in a quite similar sentence, but it could have been as a single word, that is, just "the exam". (and yes, I know the i in sinava is without dot, but if i switch to turkish keyboard layout i can't type efficiently, sorry)


Yes, I think so, but native speakers/moderators please correct me: Sınav = exam + ı (possession siffix, because it's preceded by kimya) + n (buffer consonant) + a (because the phrase requires dative).


Are there any moderators for Turkısh any more?


I am not sure as well, but the way I constructed sinavina was kimya sinavi (compound noun) + n (buffer) + a (dative)

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