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  5. "Kan du spørre ham?"

"Kan du spørre ham?"

Translation:Can you ask him?

June 3, 2015



What's the difference between stille and spørre?


"Å stille et spørsmål" is like "to pose a question" in English. "Stille" really means something like "to set up". For instance, you can "stille" a ladder.

When there's a person directly involved, go for "spørre".

I asked him a question.
Jeg spurte ham et spørsmål.

I asked him what he was doing.
Jeg spurte ham hva han drev med.


What is the difference between "be" and "spørre"?


"be" is used when you're asking for favours - I think it might be a cognate of the English word "beg". "spørre" can be used for any kind of question.


What about "stille"?


A little insight for "å be", "å stille" and "å spørre"

å be - when you want to ask or invite someone to do/for something

å stille - it is similar to "to pose", and can be used specifically in "to ask a question"

"å spørre" - asking in general for information.


Is there a difference between the usage of the words "ham" and "han"?


han = he; ham = him; In English, we use "he" as the subject of the sentence and "him" for the object of the sentence. For example: I love him ("him" receives the action "love"); he loves me ("he" is the subject that acts upon the object "me"). You can see this useage with other Norwegian pronouns as well: du/deg, hun/henne, etc.


No, not really: https://www.sprakradet.no/Vi-og-vart/Publikasjoner/Spraaknytt/Arkivet/Spraknytt-2008/Spraknytt-22008/Spoersmaal-og-svar/

"ham" seems to be a Danish/Swedish import; you never need to use it when speaking or writing bokmål. Danes use "ham", while Swedes use "honom".


Any reason why this showed up in my progress quiz when I haven't learned these words yet? Is that normal to get some new words in your progress quiz?

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