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Learn Ukrainian with Songs

To my mind, songs are a fun "tool" which helps you in mastering new language. Listening to the song and reading the lyrics you train your listening skills, you listen to the correct pronunciation of words and if you sing the song you also learn how to pronounce that words.

Therefore, I thought maybe we try listening to some songs in Ukrainian. I give you a song and lyrics. You listen, try to understand it and discuss it in comments. I won't give the whole translation, but just some the most difficult words. You're welcome to use any dictionary.

I tried to choose a song which is quite easy to listen, doesn't have lots of complicated words and idioms. If you like this activity, I will post more songs (of different styles) in the future :)

Гай, зелений гай (Grove, Green Grove)
performed by Назарій Яремчук (Nazariy Yaremchuk)


Там, де зустрів тебе, там шумить і нині
Гай, зелений гай
Там полюбив, як я, твої очі сині
Гай, зелений гай
Там полюбив, як я, твій веселий голос
Гай, зелений гай
Там ти сказала: "Що ж буде з нами, любий,
Як мине розмай?"

Приспів: (Chorus)

Ти щаслива будеш, (3)
Грай, музико, грай!
А мене забудеш, (3)
Грай, музико, грай!
Можеш все забути (3)
Тільки пам’ятай
Зоряну дорогу (3)
В гай, зелений гай.

Як я тебе кохав, пам’ятати буде
Гай, зелений гай
Що я тобі казав, не розкаже людям
Гай, зелений гай
А як прийдуть осінні холодні хмари
В гай, зелений гай,
Хай на твоїм весіллі лунає пісня,
Ллється через край.

Приспів (2)

Гай - grove, bosket
Розмай - lush greenery, bloom (poetic)
МузИка - musician
Зоряний - star (adj.)
Весілля - wedding
Лунати = звучати - to sound
Ллється - from литись (to flow)

June 3, 2015



Thank you! You should do a series of these. :)


If there's demand :)


What about Океан Ельзи's "Без бою" ? :)


Maybe :) I decided to start with "classics" :)


Дякую! How nice of you to write us these :)


I've always wanted to be useful :)


This is very useful.


Дуже дякую! Another song to add to my YouTube playlist of non-English songs :D


Have you understood anything from the lyrics? :)


Так, я думаю... небагато!

ETA: моя улюблена фраза "тільки пам'ятай зоряну дорогу". Зоряна дорога - дуже красива фраза.

(I can't remember if beautiful is the same (more or less) in UK as in RU, I'm hoping so!)


Можна говoрити і гарний, і красивий. For girls гарна (або навіть "вродлива") is better :)


вродлива is really satisfying to say, you know!


Врода and краса both mean beauty, but you can use "врода" (and adjectives derived from it) only for humans.


I am open for a discussion :)


Коли я не так втомилася, як сьогодні!

(Ps I also wanted to say that was a poetic phrase as well as beautiful, but I couldn't even begin to think about to say that in Russian, never mind Croatian!)


"Коли я не так втомилася, як сьогодні!" - Well , that's a wierd one :)

Poetic - поетичний. Similar :)


I meant Ukrainian, not Croatian. SO TIRED. 8-o

I was trying to say "when I am less tired than today" - don't know if I was anywhere close! ;-p :-)


Коли я буду менш втомлена ніж сьогодні - you need to use Future when talking about future in Ukr


Ack, yeah, it helps if you use the right tense LOL. Hopefully I will make more sense (in English, too ;)) when I have caught up on sleep a bit!


Well, на добраніч is the only thing I can say here :)


Hello, I speak spanish


О! Дізнався що таке "розмай" :) Мабуть родич слова розмаїття.


Напевно що!


Nice song. But.. what does мине mean.. ?


минати - to pass
мине - (it) will pass
Here it means that something will end


oh, thank you. Google translate said something else :P


Wow, that's not how we actually say that in Ukrainian :\


this has me thinking about when the turkish from english duolingo users managed to get turish added to lyricstraining.com , though they had to keep a song master list comment going for a while so they could share the links until it got a public release ... i have no idea how they did it though ...


"Ти ж мене підманула" taught me the days of the week. :)

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