"Duo does not eat chicken."

Translation:Duo ne manĝas kokaĵon.

June 3, 2015


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It's probably for the best that an owl doesn't eat chicken.

June 3, 2015


What is the root word for chicken (meat)? Or is chicken not considered plural in this sense? kokaĵojn seems like it would make sense here

June 13, 2015


The root word is 'koko' (chicken/hen). The suffix for foodstuffs is -aĵ-. Therefore, meat of chicken / chicken in the context of being eaten is 'kokaĵo'. Since meat products tend to be uncountable, we don't usually use the plural form. 'Kokaĵojn' would refer to multiple kinds of chicken meat, for example.

January 2, 2016


He probably would if he could catch one. However, he's too busy with his Duolingo duties to hunt.

August 8, 2017


"Duo doesn't eat chicken" can also mean he/she doesn't eat chicken at all, so "duo ne manĝas kokaĵoj" (kun -j) ankaŭ bonus.

June 11, 2015


Mi akordiĝas, sed ĝi devus esti kokaĵojn en la akusativo.

August 5, 2015


Jes, cxar Duo sxatas infanojn for breakfast.

October 23, 2017
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