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Several courses with different "main" language


I started using Duolingo using English as main language, but I am German.

I am currently learning French (from English to French) and just saw, that there is a German-French course.

But when I join that course (switch my language to German) my other courses seem to be gone.

I have 2 questions: 1) Can I have several courses with different "main" languages (German and English)?

2) Can I transfer my English-French progress to the German-French course?

Thanks a lot! :-)


June 3, 2015



You can have several courses with different "main" languages.

When you switch to one of the courses you are learning "from English" or "for English speakers" you will only see your courses for English speakers.

When you switch to one of the courses you are learning "from German" you will only see your courses for German speakers.

But all your courses stay intact and you don't lose any progress in them. It's just that your "main" language affects what you can and cannot see.

You cannot transfer progress between courses because the courses are all independent and a little bit different. They are made specifically for a certain source and target language, and have sentences or lessons that highlight the difficulties usually encountered between speakers of those two languages.

  1. Yes, no pb.
  2. No, you can't.

See here for ways to switch between courses.

Update [2017/05/03]: here a script allowing an easy and quick Switch between courses.


Thanks for your super fast replies guys. Great community :-)


Yeah, I have to start from scratch with the German-French course.

I am just running through the beginner course lessons right now and feeling super smart :-P


I believe the XP (and levels) you gain are shared between all main languages for the same target one, but the tree itself, and the skills in them, don't get transferred. For example, your 7th level French will remain level 7, whether you set your main language to be English or German.


I thought the same but I don't have the same level (so not the same number of XP points) for different trees (= different "from" language) for a same learned language.


Maybe they changed it then...

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