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  5. "Mi petas helpon."

"Mi petas helpon."

Translation:I ask for help.

June 3, 2015



How is this the same as "ask for"?


The verb "peti" itself means to ask for, or to request something. So "mi petas helpon" means "I ask for help" or "I request help." Or, also "I am asking for help" or "I am requesting help."

Hope that makes more sense of it.


"Please help me" not correct?


"Mi petas" needs to be separated from the main sentence to be used as "please":

  • Helpu min, mi petas!
  • Bonvolu helpi min!

Here it's the main verb of the sentence - "peti", to ask.


It said it was correct for me, so I guess so.


Why is "I plead help" not ok? Does plead implicate begging?


hmm ok so the first thing that did was "I please help" when was it said to ignore the mi in this? is this like a "da" for a object word? if so in what case this rule for


You don't ignore the "mi". Petas means "ask(s) for", not please. Mi petas helpon = I ask for help.


When I hovered over "petas" it told me the translation was "please" so I thought it was "please help me" but it turned out not to be. Just a minor nuisance

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