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Esperanto is interesting

Hi, I am a native Japanese speaker learning Spanish with duolingo. I am impressed how easily I can understand Esperanto with my small knowledge set of Spanish. It is an interesting artificial language.

June 3, 2015



Yep, I agree. I think Esperanto is by far one of the easiest languages to learn. You also write pretty good English! :)


Yes, it is designed to be easy for native speakers of all languages.


Oddly enough Japanese, Spanish and Esperanto only have the same (or very similar) five vowel sounds.


Yes, so pronunciation of Spanish is considered easy for Japanese speakers to learn. The five vowels may be most distinguishable from each other if we divide the forms of mouth and positions of tongue into five.


I understand Esperanto is relatively popular in Japan, and has been for quite a long time (relatively being the important word!).


I have not known that actually but heard that a famous Japanese writer Kenji Miyazawa, who lived in early 20th century used Esperanto words in his works as motifs.


I am a native Portuguese speaker, and I also find it very easy to understand esperanto, french, spanish and italian!


Thanks for all the people responded me. I am also impressed how quickly you left nice comments.


you are right! I am a native Russian speaker and for me Esperanto easy too)) I like this language and I feel happy when I study it)))


Yep, you are right :). Esperanto is an interesting, and really fun language! Also good on you for speaking Japanese, I love that language, just can't get the time to learn it D:


Must of the root in Esperanto is Latin which Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese are also based on. So learning some Esperanto will help you learn the Romance languages. Benny Lewis wrote a blog that learning some of this will help you immensely with other languages.



Esperanto is really interesting language and I think I'm going to complete the tree but the only question I have been thinking is, what am I going to do with the knowledge of Esperanto after all ?


I don't know too much about Esperanto communities but I've heard they exist, there are probably plenty of groups online that speak Esperanto.

If someone doesn't speak a language you know but you want to talk, and you both know Esperanto, it can be useful there too, since Esperanto is easier to learn and use than pretty much any other language. :)


You could read some books in Esperanto, once you become proficient enough to read novels. Project Gutenberg has quite a few, including an Esperanto translation of Robinson Crusoe, and one of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I imagine there are other resources for finding original literature and media in Esperanto, but there are a few to get you started.


I can't wait to start it....I figured even though I don't know anything about it, I'd give it a whirl.


Regarding your levels of other Romance languages, you will master it surprisingly rapidly.


I agree that Esperanto very interesting :) I wasn't too interested at first but I love it now; I've also heard it's popular in Japan.

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