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Well, I recently hit the jackpot of Norwegian tv shows, and I want to share it with you all. :-) On NRK's website, there is a page with links to all the shows, plays, and more that you can watch outside of Norway:

I'm watching a great nature show called "Ut i Naturen":

There is a button you can click once it's playing to see closed captions so you can read along, or if you click "teksting" under the episode title, you can see all of the captions (good if you want to look up words you don't know).

EDIT: If you're looking for more resources, check out this post I made. It has music, grammar sites, and more.

Enjoy :-)

June 3, 2015


I recommend Lilyhammer (NRK/Netflix).

Fans of The Sopranos will recognize Steven Van Zandt, his character in Lilyhammer being a sort of revamped Silvio Dante. Tony Sirico (aka Paulie) also has a couple of hilarious appearances. I'm currently rooting for season 4.

Lilyhammer is the best! :D And it has a lot of self-irony about the Norwegian culture, which is useful for educational purposes as well :)

Thanks for the reminder, I've wanted to start Lilyhammer forever. Just watched the first episodes, I'm surprised they actually speak that much Norwegian there! Loving it so far :)

SKAM is a must-watch show!

I love it so much!!

Skam is getting a cult following among young people, even outside Norway, but I like Wisting.

skam is the best!

I want to learn norwegian to watch the Yvis :D

Great resource, thanks for sharing :)

If anyone's interested, here's a link to just the kid's shows. They're usually easier to follow, although you can find others on YouTube (such as Mummidalen)

Great recommendation. NRK Super has an iPad app as well. I watch a few of the shows with my son. YouTube is another great idea, I have really started to like "Postmann Pat" which is available in Norwegian. Unfortunately, I get the theme song stuck in my head on a regular basis.

Great news, thank you. Are there other recommended shows?

I really liked Dag, which is Norwegian. It's on the Norwegian netflix but I'm not sure if it's on netflix anywhere else... but you should be able to find it somewhere.

which button do you press to see closed captions? tusen takk!

This one:

It might not be available for some programs, though.

You'll find Dialektriket on that list, which is a program about Norwegian dialects. Great if you're feeling brave and want to expose yourself to some different dialects as listening practice! :)

This is such a good find - thank you so much for sharing it. The series is still available to watch. I am just a beginner = three months in - so I find it hard to keep up, even with subtitles! But what an amazing discovery :)

Glad eventually I found this, takk

hei ! 'Ylvis' is great for those who want to learn as their videos on youtube have subtitles and they have great conversations that can be used

OMG thank you! I have been on NRK so many times searching for shows that can be watched outside of Norway. This is great!

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