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日本語→英語コース 5月の進捗 / Progress of our course in May

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2015年5月は、本コースにとってある意味ほとんど代わり映えのしない一ヶ月となりました。問題の不備をご指摘くださった皆さまからのレポート(アクティブユーザー100人あたりの報告数)は毎日 3 と 4 の間を上下しています。3を下回ったのも、4を超えたのも、1ヶ月を通じてそれぞれ2回だけでした。

May 2015 was, in a sense, very monotonous for our course. Reports from our users (number of reports per 100 active users) fluctuated between 3 and 4; only on two days was it below 3, but it exceeded 4 only twice, too.



Meanwhile the work by us contributors was also very constant. Based on your reports, we amended a little more than 500 sentences each week.



However there is a great transition going on under the flat surface. In the past year since our beta began, we could only modify the "correct" Japanese translations for the given set of English sentences, and not the original sentences themselves. The time has come to deal with the English templates - we shall begin to eliminate problematic/controversial/misdirecting English sentences and phrases.


Corrections on the Japanese translations and the English sentences are done one by one, with priority on the upper part of the tree (i.e. the first lessons). Those of you who have reported problems in later lessons (especially the 完了形 perfect tense lesson) might have been waiting and still will have to wait for some time before they are reflected, but we beg for your patience.

ディスカッションボードで繰り返しお知らせしているように、引き続きお気づきの点がございましたら「問題を報告する」(パソコンでは画面左下、Android では旗マーク)からご報告ください。



Please use the report form (bottom left in the screen for PC users, button with flag mark for Android users). Check the first box if you think your answer should be accepted (please, please double check before you send them). There is no need to repeat your answer in the freewrite column at the bottom. Do not ask questions here since we cannot answer, use the discussion board instead (and vice versa: the discussion board is not the place for saying "my answer should be accepted"). Lastly, human beings are reading every report, so do not use the freewrite report to get rid of your frustration: actually your stress is not dispersing but being sent directly to us.


Recently, probably due to problems with the servers, valid answers sometimes get marked wrong. It is likely to take a long time before the problem gets fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Last of all, we are still in search for new contributors in our team. If you're confident about your Japanese and willing to help, you should be able to read what I wrote in Japanese and understand what to do!



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