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  5. "Whose car is that?"

"Whose car is that?"

Translation:Kies aŭto estas tiu?

June 3, 2015


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I've read the "tips & notes" several times. I still do not get it. Why isn't this "tio"? The notes suggests: "Tio estas libro." as "That is a book". What makes this car more known than that book? Please explain! :)

June 3, 2015


In this case, I believe it's not about knowing about the car but rather differentiating between it and some other car: Whose is THAT car? What about THAT OTHER one?

February 25, 2016


You're right. "Kies aŭto estas tiu." translates as "Whose car is that one."

June 22, 2018


For me is more natural 'Kies estas tiu aŭto?'

June 7, 2015


Is 'Kies aŭto tiu estas' really wrong? That would seem to be the word order you get after moving 'kies aŭto' to the front (tiu estas mia aŭto → kies aŭto tiu estas?), ĉu ne?

March 8, 2016


I always thought that tio is for thing and tiu is for humans. Is that true?

June 4, 2015


Not sure but I though that if it is a know thing ("i know about the car, and I ask whose is it") then it's "kiu". If it's "what kind of thing is that" kind of question, then it's "tio". And people always qualify for "tiu" because we already know it's a person so we are asking who that speciic person is. Something like that. But again, not sure

June 7, 2015


That=the: Whose the car is? Tiu=la: Kies la aŭto estas?

January 1, 2019


"Kies ..." means "la ... de kiu". You don't use it at the same time as "la".

You can't replace the pronoun "that" with "the".

January 4, 2019
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