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"Eighteen years"

Translation:Вісімнадцять років

June 3, 2015



"вісімнадсять рокі" and "вісімнадсять років" should be both accepted, right?


"вісімнадсять рокі" - This is wrong, there's only one variant for "18 years"
And it's not "вісімнадсять років" either. There's should be letter "ц" - "Вісімнадцять"


Thanks, I forgot to read the tips.


The Genitive plural of рік is років (the word does not even have the form «рокі»). And that's what you'd want to use here.

  • if your number ends in "один/одна/одне", use Nominative singular
  • if your Number ends in any of the words "два/дві", "три" or "чотири", use Nominative plural
  • if it ends in anything else, use Genitive plural.

Technically, the last rule is the same as English structures like "a lot of cars", "a basket of apples", "a cup of beads" etc. Words for large numbers used to be "nouns" ages ago, when people, probably, still were new to counting and using large numbers.

Oh, and this is the rule for Nominative (or Accusative in cases where it copies the Nominative form).


My apologies for not reading the tips & notes, I realised this afterwards but I couldn't figure out how to find this threat back and delete it.

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