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Lingot store needs some improvements .

Since i joined Duolingo the i see " lingotstore " hadn't changed much, i think its time for more contents, maybe i don't have a new ideas for a new contents but i am sure that there is someone who do, (e.g. a tool to count the days you spent in every skill , a more detailed statistics ~ like best day of learning , XP by time of the day graph , and maybe contents to listen to lecture and questions to follow, or maybe to translate essays etc...,i am sure we can come up with more stuff if we discuss .
Thanks .

June 3, 2015



Maybe Easter lesson at Easter? there are always “flirting" and “idioms and proverbs" but so far only Christmas as an added one.


More direct questions to duolingo? More clothes? Seperate items of clothing?


they could also teach you how to say good morning and all those type of statements earlier on


Yes, This seems to come up at least weekly, if not every other day.

I would like it too. For me, perhaps a more level specific or tree specific test that only includes where you've gotten to at this point instead of (as I have heard, I haven't done it ) the comprehensive test that tests you on the whole tree. So many cool things they could offer, like a tree complete patch, or anything really.


Yes guys these are just few of hundred ideas that could be gathered, but seems like the editors are busy doing something more important ! or maybe just designing some of the " SALES - ha ha just kidding its always free 100%.No.Ads " facebook posts!!! Please pay attention editors! - Thanks

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