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"Women need men like fish need bicycles."

Translation:Kvinner trenger menn som fisk trenger sykler.

June 3, 2015



The world needs third wave feminism like a fish needs a bicycle.


This forum needs your comment like a fish needs a bicycle. (:


This forum needs your reply to his comment like a fish needs a bicycle. :D


The catchphrase "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" was coined by the Australian writer Irina Dunn. She originally wrote it on a much-graffitied toilet door at Sydney University in paraphrase of a sentence she had read while studying for her degree: "Man needs God like fish needs a bicycle". It was later popularised by the well-known feminist Gloria Steinem.


What an interesting context!


Duo er en feminist! :D


What a silly phrase! People are more than their utility to us.


Had the same thought! ;)


It is a line from a Gloria Steinem (the feminist writer and activist. Also the Irish group U2 have the line in in the song where they say \gonna run to you' They use it to show admiration for women..


Opps! It was Germaine Greer who said it.


See my earlier posting elsewhere in the thread. It was Gloria Steinem who popularised it but it originated with Irina Dunn.


Delicia was here!!!!


Women aren't all the same. Many women need men. This is a covering projection, to put males on the defensive and avoid seeing the obvious. It's just a really old mental trick that's obsolete now. Gender is mostly an illusion so a whole gender won't think or behave or view the world in the same way. Women are ___ (label, summary). Static labels. Women are what? Varied. Human. Diverse. On a spectrum, individually, between masculinity and femininity. Men are what? Varied, " ".

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