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Does 'b' and 'v' sound the same in Spanish??

Or did I just heard it wrong? More than once I am pretty sure I heard 'beben' like 'beven'. It really confuses me. Someone help! What is the correct pronunciation??

May 17, 2012



The b and v sound alike, however... each of these letters have 2 sounds: a hard b/v sound and a soft b/v sound. It just depends on where the letters sit in a word. Beben sounds a bit like 'beven' because the second B in the word beben is pronounced with a softer sound. I found that this site was helpful for me to figure this out and practice saying words with these letters (page down on the webpage to get the audio lesson). http://www.studyspanish.com/pronunciation/letter_bv.htm


Thank you so much- that website is great! I'm trying to learn the form of Spanish spoken in Spain, so the fact that it including both a Peruvian and a Spaniard speaker was great. :)


Location! - In some areas the two letters are pronounced similar to an English "b", other places similar to the English "v". The "correct" pronunciation is somewhere between the two English letters. The lips never quite touch. I've seen many places where Spanish speakers confuse the two letters in writing. The one that I remember best was a sign that said "Vote la basura aquí" (translation: vote the trash here). If it had been "Bote la ..." it would have translated "Dump the trash here." Either spelling the pronunciation is identical.


The both are pronounced like you would say a 'b' in English. You'll never hear a long 'v' in Spanish.

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