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No word predictions with Google Keyboard on Android

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Hello Duolingo,

In the past I used Google's Keyboard to swipe words. Now that doesn't work anymore because the line where you choose the word is missing from the keyboard.

Swiping text (+ choosing the right word when the word prediction fails) stills works with the samsung keyboard and that is what I am using now.

But I would prefer if duolingo wouldn't limit my choice of keyboard.

Regards, Helge

June 3, 2015



You may be in an a/b test. Check out your a/b tests using the instructions here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5023812

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disable_auto_correct_experiment is false, so it may be something else


I have the same problem. My preferred keyboard is the gboard (google keyboard) first I thought it was a keyboard error, but after double checking all the settings it seems to be a dualingo issue. The gboard works fine in every other app, but in dualingo the suggestion bar disappears completely as Helge mentioned. Samsung board works as normal. I wish we could resolve this. I am using a galaxy s7 if it helps.

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