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"I said my prayers last night."

Translation:Dúirt mé mo phaidreacha aréir.

June 3, 2015



I think this should be "dúirt mé mo chuid phaidreacha aréir", shouldn't it? Or at least accepted.


It could be dúirt mé mo chuid paidreacha aréir, but strictly speaking you don't own the prayers, so dúirt mé mo phaidreacha aréir is also correct (and probably more widely used, judging by an internet search).

The EID has " To say one's prayers" - do chuid paidreacha a rá, while the NEID has "to be at your devotions" - bheith ag rá do phaidreacha


Yes, it should.


I just got that exact answer marked wrong--I'm going to report it now.


Ar scoil, dúirt mé mo chuid phaidreacha

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