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"Vi drikker vin ved hjelp av glass."

Translation:We are drinking wine using glasses.

June 3, 2015



hard to say if "glass" in this sentence is plural...


I think if the glass is meant as singular you have to add 'et' in front of it. But I am not sure. The sentence would be 'Vi drikker vin ved hjelp av et glass.' As you would do in English … 'We drink wine using glasses.' and 'We drink wine using a glass.' But again … that's me guessing.


I felt the same as kakaoweokulary when I got it wrong. But LeiLooMinx, your explanation of 'et' makes sense. Tusen takk!


I also think that is a weird sentence. Would that be natural for Norwegians to say "We drink wine with the help of glasses?" instead of something like "we drink wine from glasses".

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