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  5. Already almost 20k!


Already almost 20k!

The Esperanto course is growing incredibly fast! It has now almost the same number of learners as Norwegian. This is surely a great step both for Duolingo and Esperanto! Thank you Esperanto team!

June 3, 2015



I know that Esperanto was created to foster peace and harmony, but I am interested in using Esperanto to achieve evil and wickedness. Is this possible?


If it's not, I've wasted a lot of time.


According to the principles of Esperanto, using the language to achive evil, strive, wickedness, and dissention is a perfectly acceptable usage.


Haha what evil do you intend with Esperanto?


oh you know, just your basic evil and wickedness. I am asking because if I cannot twist Esperanto to suit my purposes I may need to stop learning it.


This. Also wondering if in Esperanto there's the equivalent of saying "MUAHHAHAHAHA!"?


Jes. I would like to be able to say things like "MUAhahaHahAha" in Esperanto... other "bad guy" vocabulary will also help me in my evil pursuits. Dankon.


If I learned my basics right, you barely have to prefix every adjective you use with mal-, which is twistedly amusing! And can create the evilest of puns!


Step one - Decide to take over the world Step two - Find a secret lair (in an extinct volcano, those tend to have low real estate value) Step three - Get MINIONS Step four - Teach them Esperanto Step five - Take over a country Step six - (repeat step four) Step seven - put the minions in charge of schools and pretty much everything else. Minions are awesome.


Minions are awesome!


If not, I think you can use Danish to spread evil and wickedness and I see you've already got a couple of levels there. Always have a plan B. An evil plan B.


Duolingo Esperantists are the craziest.

(I kinda love it!)


I have many evil plans! Muah ha ha ah ha ha ha! Saluton!


For me, every language is a tool, a means to an end.

Suit yourself . . . if you succeed. Bwah ha ha ha!


It would be also very cool to know the number of finished trees per course, or maybe points achieved. That would help to have a better comparison between courses.

PS: I'm sure that when Esperanto becomes available in the app there will be another sharp climb. Any news about when should that be?


I know it depends on reports and getting the course (more) stable, but I haven't actually seen any figures yet. It's all about the numbers, not the timing. I think it took Turkish a month or so?

EO did seem to be pretty polished right off the production line, so I hope that bodes well for getting (relatively) quickly to the apps.

And I too would love to see some figures for finished trees/total of XP points, to see how individuals actually do in the courses, not just how many start them.


I'll bet Irish has the worst ratio of starters to finishers!

Many many people wanting to learn the language of their ancestors, but then finding out that it's not as easy as they had hoped.


Wonderful course. I've been learning here for almost three years and have tried all the courses (and then deleted them) and this is easily the most polished at launch. It told me there were 42 people taking the course when I signed up so I suppose I'm joint 43rd along with many others who signed up at the same moment. I'm really pleased with Duo Esperanto. Thank you so much!! :)


I can only echo the praise of these posts above. I have been learning Esperanto via lernu.net, a great site, and by other internet resources for about 2-3 years in a serious committed way. I feel I have learned more in the last 9 days than the past two years! Kudos indeed to the team!


Agree, the beta launch product was already excellent. Kudos to the team, they did a wonderful job!


Esperanto may have been created to foster peace and harmony, but some of the arguments I have seen on Esperanto forums remind me of the babel fish in Douglas Adams The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: “Meanwhile, the poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation.”


Barriers to communication have been falling a lot since WWII, not really thanks to Esperanto, but thanks to the spread of English and knowledge of foreign languages in general and to technological developments. And war deaths have never been this small in comparison with the total population, this video shows that brilliantly.


You are right, but I was thinking of people learning the International Language and then using it to squabble, sometimes quite nastily :(


I see your point ;) But people love linguistic wars, it's not just with Esperanto. The orthographic treaty that unifies the Portuguese language orthographic rules is a very sensible thing that implies very little changes (less than 1% of words get affected by it) and is still feeding a war in newspapers and forums for years now.. I think the same happened with the orthographic treaty for the German language. It's just a bit more surprising with Esperanto, as it is a constructed language one would expect it to be more open to some artificial adjustments and improvements.. but I see is not, some people regard Zamenhof as a prophet.


If I'm not mistaken, about 35k people asked to be noticed by e-mail when the course would be released in beta. We can expect a steady increase to at least 30k - 40k, before it starts to stabilize itself a bit.


I think it was more like 25K. Anyway, Norwegian is not only 2K away, and when mobile apps appear, it will be another huge leap.

Off topic: a 100 streak. I'm going to save the image for posterity...


Congrats on your streak! And have another lingot.


I find it is a lot like spanish.


And why doesn't it show that I'm at level two in Esperanto!?


Seems like you're on level 1, only shows after level 2 I think.


Oh, you're right. My mistake.


The title of this post could be updated to:

Now Past 25K!

I just checked and it's at 25.3K.


or "Norwegian watch out" ;)


Let's be careful with Norwegian. They've got swords!

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